August 18th, 2014 – Changing Lives Through the Joy of Sport


1 Source is honored to announce that we have teamed up with a group of officers from the Winter Haven Police Department to help raise funds for the Special Olympics.

Since 1968, Special Olympics have been offering women, men, and children with intellectual disabilities year-round training and competitions in Olympic-style sports. Their more than 32 individual and team sports – from Alpine Skiing to Volleyball – provide quality training and well-matched sporting events. Win or lose, the goal is always to be brave in the attempt!

You can help Special Olympics ensure that everyone has the chance to exert themselves to the fullest, to reach beyond their own limits, and to feel proud of their achievements.

For your opportunity to help, please click here

October 25, 2013 –

Closing out the week… 1 Source was able to secure two sites in Central Florida, a site in Northern Missouri, and two in Central Iowa this week, building on the support and strategies that they have in place.

October 16th, 2013 –

Continuing to build on the successful execution by 1 Source’s management team of its 2013 tower to market goals and further exceeding initial projections into the 2014-2015 build  and expansion plan, 1 Source is offered and secures $10M financial capital commitment for proposed and future build-out plans through 2015.

October 3rd 2013 – The successful execution by 1 Source Towers of its 2013 tower to market goals exceeds initial projections. A selective expansion into the Midwest has profoundly enhanced current Southeast regional operations. The 1 Source Towers top management team believes the development strategy will soon be replicated in other U.S. markets.  With its effective and strategic implementation of its 2012-2013 build plan, 1 Source Towers easily secures a $5M financial capital commitment based upon proposed future build-out expansions through 2015.

November 7th, 2012 – 1 Source Wireless, LLC displays increase in tower sites but shows experience this past year.

1 Source Wireless, LLC (1SW) officially stepped onto the scene of new tower site development and tower acquisitions in September of 2011. After only a few short months, 1SW had secured funding…

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April 16th, 2012 –
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April 12th, 2012 – Two new sites available for collocation
1 Source Wireless is pleased to offer two new sites available for collocation today. The first site (WA-7001 Roy) represents 1SW’s venture and expanding footprint of developing sites in the Northwest region of the US. The second, (FL-7040 Zephyrhills) continues to show 1SW’s presence in Central Florida as well as 1SW’s growing partnerships to develop quality tower sites.
For more information on either of these sites or any of 1SW’s sites, please visit our “Tower Sites” page.

April 3rd, 2012 – New Midwest Sites Available for Collocation:
Just days after announcing 1 Source Wireless’s (1SW) expansion of tower development and acquisition to the Midwest, Northwest and Southeast regions, as well as maintaining their strong presence in the Southeast and Central Florida market, 1SW has reached agreements to develop new tower sites in Central Iowa in two locations. The first site, IA-7001, located on property owned by the City of Runnells, IA, took over six months to finalize the agreement,  but both parties were able to negotiate and find the best possible solution for the citizens and City of Runnells, as well as 1SW.
Justin Dehnert, Vice President of 1SW, says, “It’s very common for negotiations with jurisdictions to take some time; coordinating with City Staff, Board Members, hearing schedules, Legal Counsel, and the local citizens, there are multiple levels involved in the negotiation process. I greatly thank the City of Runnells for working with 1SW in consideration of this project. Furthermore, I being from central Iowa, appreciate being able to help out my friends and family. This site was actually brought to my attention from a family friend complaining of terrible coverage and capacity in this area. I have had the opportunity to work with some former colleagues and hopefully give back something to the communities I grew up in”.
The second site, IA-7002, located on private property between the City of Altoona, IA and Mitchellville, IA just south of Interstate 80 is designed to bridge the gap between the towers just outside the towns of Altoona, Mitchellville, and Bondurant, IA.

March 29th, 2012 –   Expanding our Footprint: 1 Source Wireless (1SW) is pleased to announce that their tower development and acquisition market has expanded into the Midwest, Northwest, & Southwest regions of the United States. Justin Dehnert, Vice President of 1SW, says “We look forward to working with our new regional offices on continuing to develop new tower sites as well as acquiring existing towers in those markets. Our history of working and developing sites with carriers, local jurisdictions, tower owners, and the community, we want to duplicate throughout the US and all sites we are involved with”. Started in 2004, 1 Source Wireless has grown into one of the leading tower developing and acquisition companies. Based in Tampa, FL, 1SW has been mainly focused on tower sites in the greater Tampa Bay/Orlando area but has started to expand to other regions of the US. With sites in development in IA, MI, NC, KY, WA, CA, MO, OR, AZ, MN, NE, IL they are quickly becoming a key resource in new site development and collocation.

February 27th, 2012 – 1 Source Wireless and Iowa based Tri State Tower ( working together to develop tower sites in the Midwest.